The boom is easy to operate; manually or by pushing one button


The seamless design gives the boom an elegant look


You can stay in the cockpit when operating the furling boom


Made by the best in the business, the quality is unique

How to fit the furling boom correctly

Easy-to-follow tutorial manuals enables you to easily fit the MAINFURL furling boom on new yachts or refit the boom on an older yacht. The furling boom is built to fit all existing fittings on your mast, making it more or less a “plug ‘n’ play” solution.

Have a look at these tutorial videos on how to easily fit and adjust your new MAINFURL furling boom.

Video guides

How to hoist mainfurl boom thumbnail

How to hoist the main sail

How to furl a mainfurl boom thumbnail

How to furl in the main sail

How to install the mast rail