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The boom is easy to operate; manually or by pushing one button


The seamless design gives the boom an elegant look


You can stay in the cockpit when operating the furling boom


Made by the best in the business, the quality is unique

A unique furling boom for your yacht

The Mainfurl furling boom is a state-of-the-art boom with an innovative, smart furling system for your yacht. The elegant design of the boom makes it a timeless and beautiful match for any yacht. We have focused on every detail and perfected them to make the boom both elegant and practical.

Explore the Mainfurl Boom
Steen kjølhede

Steen Kjølhede

A life as a boat builder

Steen Kjølhede is one of the most experienced and best yachters in Denmark. He has had a keen interest in boats since he was a young boy, and he never stopped building, innovating and sailing all over the world participating in National, European, World championships and the Olympics.

Steen designed and built the Ylva in 1973, and for a number of years, he owned his own shipyard together with his brother Max.

This experienced yachter is also the man behind the Mainfurl furling boom.He developed his first furling boom 22 years ago and has since perfected and developed his design to the product it is today.

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High quality & innovative design

This state-of-the-art, V-shaped, slimline boom comes with a body made from high-quality fibreglass or carbon fibre, both very durable and lightweight materials, ensuring that the boom takes all the load.

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